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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Scope

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) apply to the sale of vehicles and accessories (subject matter of the contract) between the Seller and the Buyer based on a written agreement (contract of sale) that refers to these GTC.

2. Vehicle characteristics

The information about the vehicle according to the contract of sale is subject to any design changes made by the works. Information in this contract, in brochures, offers, order confirmations, etc., in particular those concerning weights, masses, consumption figures, operating costs, speeds, etc. are to be understood as mere approximate values. CAROUTLET does not guarantee that the used car corresponds to the Bodyindex A (accident-free) according to, nor that it has not been used or hired for commercial passenger transport, unless this is noted in writing on the contract.

3. Warranty / guarantee

3.1 The statutory warranty is completely excluded to the extent permitted by law.

3.2 If the vehicle still has a current factory warranty, a sales representative (brand representative) of the manufacturer shall provide the services owed therein. If there is a factory warranty, the beginning of the warranty for new vehicles or vehicles with a current manufacturer's warranty is not the date of the first placing on the market, but the beginning of the warranty in the manufacturer's system or the contractually agreed beginning of the warranty, if any.

3.3 If there is a special warranty insurance for the vehicle, this will take the place of the material warranty according to section 3.1 and replace it. In this case, the General Terms and Conditions of the respective warranty service provider apply.

4. Trade-in vehicle

The buyer expressly declares that there are no claims or reservations of title by third parties (e.g. leasing, private individuals, etc.) on the object of exchange given in payment; he shall bear the risk of loss, damage or depreciation until the exchange vehicle is handed over to CAROUTLET. The buyer confirms that the trade-in vehicle is accident-free and that the kilometres shown on the odometer correspond to the actual kilometres driven and that there are no hidden defects. Should defects appear after handover of the trade-in vehicle which were not detected at the time of delivery, CAROUTLET may claim compensation for the damage within one year.

5. Home Delivery

5.1 Upon request, the vehicle will be delivered to your home, according to the cost stated in the publication. The delivery will be carried out by a specialist on behalf of CAROUTLET. Rights and obligations are transferred to the buyer upon payment. CAROUTLET shall not be held liable for the delivery and any damage that may result.

5.2 In the event of delivery on site, the vehicle is located at the CAROUTLET site indicated. By making an appointment, the vehicle can be taken over at the location. The handover is carried out by a specialist on behalf of CAROUTLET. Rights and obligations are transferred to the buyer upon payment.

6. Right of return

The buyer has a 14-day right of return from the date of delivery under the following compensation for use (based on vehicle expertise):

6.1 CAROUTLET will not charge the buyer for any km driven up to 250 km.

6.2 From >250Km the additional kilometres will be charged as follows: Purchase price : 250= Rp./KM.

6.3 Regardless of the KM driven, the following regulations for the return of the vehicle apply: installations, conversions, removals and installations and removals and installations carried out by the buyer will not be replaced or compensated. Any dismantling must be borne by the buyer. After return of the vehicle at a CAROUTLET location, a vehicle expertise will be carried out in the presence of the buyer and organised by CAROUTLET. The costs of CHF 300 must be borne by the buyer. The buyer has the right to call in an independent, recognised vehicle expert company for the return of the vehicle. The buyer is liable for any damage caused during the use of the vehicle and will be deducted when the purchase price is refunded. In case of major deficiencies/damage (accident vehicle etc.) CAROUTLET reserves the right to refuse the right of return.

7. Written form

The parties agree that the written form is the validity requirement for this contract and all its possible amendments and additions.

8. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

8.1 Swiss substantive law shall apply, excluding the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

8.2 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes shall be the registered office of CAROUTLET; in the case of the consumer contract, the legal regulation governing the place of jurisdiction provided for by law shall apply.

Status: 29.06.2020